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A timeless classic that ages beautifully...
Vie Maison - NEW!

New to us is another beautiful natural timber floor from Kersaint Cobb which demonstrates why they are widely considered the leading manufacturers when it comes to stylish, high quality and affordable engineered wood flooring. Vie Maison contains 7 beautifully modern colours with each available in two widths which allows a really unique design to be achieved.


Prices Vary Depending On Colour and Plank Width

KC Duo Living

The Duo Living range is extremely high quality as not only does it offer a vast and expansive range of colours and shades to go for, it also offers what no other range does... 2 Plank widths. This unique feature allows for the effect of a rustic wood floors to be achieved when laid correclty.


Prices Vary Depending On Colour

Simply Oak

Prices Vary Depending On Colour:

KC Duo Living XL

Kersaint Cobb are one of the countries leading manufactures of both engineered and solid wood floors because they are reknown for their premium quality floors which are available at a reasonable price. The Duo Living XL range in particular offeres a range of high grade enineered boards that come in a width of 189mm compared to the average 120mm which makes it ideal for large open spaces.


Prices Vary Depending On Colour

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