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Professional's Choice

Safety needn't be comrpomised for quality flooring...

Altro Aquarius

Inspired by customer feedback, Altro have managed to create a floor which provides optimum performance in both wet and dry environments. The Aquarius range is also suitable for a variety of shoe types such as: trainers, soft or hard soled shoes and even barefoot! These unique properties make it a true all-rounder suitable for a host of applications such as medical environment, changing rooms, swimming pools, kitchens to name a few. Not only is it diverese in it's application, but it is also extremely easy to clean and comes with a 10 year product guarantee as well as a 15 year slip resistance guarantee.

Technical information can be found here.

Polyflor Standard XL

The outstanding durability of the Standard XL range makes it perfect for areas which are exposed to high amounts of traffic such as: commercial buildings, public areas, resturant kitchens and even staircases. The Standard XL range achieves an A+ rating from BRE Global in major sectors like education, health and retail. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the Standard XL range is a guaranteed hygenic safety floor that is built to last! Take a look at the exquisite marble designs that run throughout the range.


Technical information can be found here.

Supacord Tiles

Carpet tiles are often considered the 'utilitarian' approach to flooring because they simply satisfy all aspects of flooring! Supacord in particular is the embodiment of this concept as it is one most practical flooring options for commercial buildings and public areas like schools and offices, whilst being cost effective and without compromising the quality its looks. Unlike many other cord style carpet tiles, these will not fray and they are designed to prevent slipping. The 100% man made fibre construction of the Supacord make it extremely easy to clean, allows it to retain heat very well and the nature of carpet tiles allows for easy replacement if the tiles are ever dameged, ultiately resulting in low maintenance costs!


Technical information can be found here.

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