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A brand new carpet can be just what you need to turn your house into a home or bring out the vibrant colour schemes in your home. Not only do carpets look brilliant, you can find hard-wearing and long lasting carpets that are able to withstand all sorts of everyday encounters. It is becoming more and more important to own a carpet that can resist moths which eat through wool carpets, that’s why all our wool carpets are moth-proofed to ensure the longevity of all our carpets. Our man-made fibre carpets are also bleach cleanable and stain proof which makes them perfect for family living. Whether its wool or a man-made fibre, you’re sure to find a carpet that will suit your needs at an unbeatable price. We are stockists of brand name carpets such as: Hugh Mackay, Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring, Lifestyle flooring, Louis De Poortere and many more!

Laminate floors are becoming increasingly popular amongst our customers because not only are they easily cleanable and only require the occasional sweep or vacuum and that it is naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria. So with a huge variety of different laminate styles and finishes so you are not limited when it comes to finding a style that compliments your home. In a bid to provide our customers with the best and highest quality possible, unlike superstores we use HDF (High Density Fibreboard) instead of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) because it is much stronger in comparison and is able to cope with heavy furniture being placed on it. HDF also comes with a much smoother surface to ensure a top quality finish is delivered. The thicker laminated surface that we use also makes it extremely durable and prevents wear. We stock a wide variety of laminates and our prices range from £7.99/m² to £45.99/m².

Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring materials due to the fact that it fits every budget and still manages to deliver style, durability and when installed correctly it will last for a long time. We make sure the subfloor is absolutely smooth by plying the subfloor to avoid any scratches, dents, lumps and unwanted imperfections. Vinyl is very comfortable under foot, is able to cope with heavy foot traffic and it is good for noise reduction. Another reason for the high popularity of vinyl is that it has a large range of possible designs that suit every decor. You can choose from a number of different effects such as stone, wood, marble, slate, metal and many more. To top it all off, vinyl is extremely easy to clean as it requires only a regular mop and an occasional sweep to keep it in the best condition.

Going for that classic rustic sort of look? Then look no further. Natural wood flooring is the solution to many people’s problems from carpet owners who got mud on their beautiful new carpet to laminate owners who got their floor wet and can't stop it expanding; natural wood floors avoid all of these nightmares. Often selected for its timeless looks and it ability to age beautifully, wood floors are also very hygienic due to their ability to resist dust mites that play havoc with allergy sufferers, they work well with under floor heating and the restoration of solid (not engineered) wood floors is a lot cheaper than refitting a carpet for example. Wooden floors are also rapidly becoming available to all budgets, so that seemingly everlasting floor may be cheaper than you think. It is important to note the difference between solid and engineered wooden floors; the thicker panels of solid wood floors make it better for high traffic areas and allow for future re-sanding as a restoration option. However, engineered wooden floors are considered more practical due to the numerous suitable environments in which it can be laid. Visit us in store to have a look at some of the quality finishes on our wooden floors, from lacquered to oiled, you will be spoilt for choice.

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