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Here is a short list of some of our most frequently asked questions, hopefully they answer any queries you may have, however if they do not, you can contact us via telephone, e-mail or fax.


How much does it cost to get an estimate?


An estimate is absolutely free and we can arrange it at a convenient time for you.


Do I have to pay for the full balance in one lump sum?


Not at all, if you chose to pay up front then feel free however all we require is a minimum of a 50% deposit before we order any materials and the remaining 50% must be paid upon completion of the job.


Do I have to dispose of excess materials?


No, we have an uplift and disposal charge of £1.50/m. Should you opt for this service, we will take away and dispose of any old flooring, subfloor and excess materials that are on the job.


Do you fit the carpets or do you employ external fitters?


We use all our own fitters to ensure that all our jobs are completed to the highest standard.


How long will it take for my materials to be delivered and fitted?


The time taken for materials to be delivered is usually dependent on the material itself, in most cases we have the materials in stock, however some special materials can take up to ten days to be delivered. With regards to how quickly we can get your floor fitted for you, that is again dependent on the size of the job. Fitting carpets takes a couple of hours at most, laminate and wood depending on the size may take longer (4 hours to a 2 days). Vinyl's and Lino's take around 3-5 hours.


Do you only operate within London?


We do often do work outside of London, we've even worked in other countries such as switzrland where we worked on a ski resort, France and Italy


Do I have to move all the furniture before you guys arrive?


All we ask is that you remove any breakable items such as glass, mirrors etc. and unplug any Sky or Virgin media boxes any any other items of that sort. Other than that however, we will be able to work around most items and we can move any heavy furniture such as cupboard's, bed's and desk's etc if need be.


What is the best way to deal with moth's?


The best way to deal with moth problems is to remove all woolen carpets in the vicinity because that is where the larvae will live. Then we recommend getting a polypropylene or man made carpet because moths are unable to live within these materials and they can't eat their way through. It would also be a good idea to get all your clothes dry cleaned because in most cases, moth larvae will be on clothes and in bedding etc. Steaming rooms that are infested with moths also helps to eliminate the problem.


What is the difference between polypropylene and wool carpets?


Wool carpets have been used for centuries by many people due to its high quality appearance and because it manages to retain this apperance for a long time. Wool carpets are often considered to be hard-wearing because of it's natural ability to bounce back and retain its shape  after being  walked on. With wool carpets you get a visibly high quality carpet that guarantees for comfortable living, however there is always the rising risk of moths. Polypropylene carpets do still look absolutely briliant, are hard-wearing and do resist moths. We recommend using polypropylene and other synthetic carpets for areas such as a childs bedroom or places where spills often occur because all of our synthetic carpets come with a stain resistance guarantee.

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