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Extra services


Aside from floor-laying, we offer a range of extra services to provide the best possible service and ensure 100% satisfaction with our work. With regards to your floor's, if you are experiencing any sort of problems, we would advise speaking to us before any builders as we are experts and a little advice can make a lot of difference.

Sub-floor preparation


Floorboard's and joist's can get severley damaged if they come into contact with water and in order to prevent any further damage to the floor itself ir the ceiling below, we would advise you to deal with this problem sooner rather than later. If you are interested in getting us to have a look at your sub-floor and do some repairs to it, then don't hesitate to contact us.

White washed floorboards


Looking to revitalise your wooden floorboards? There is a new, cost effective and trendy way to do so. Rather than paying for a completely new floor, you can get your old floorboards white washed which gives them back their youthful look. The simplistic yet sophisticated look that this process achieves allows the floor to be compilmentary to the colours of the room yet not overwhelming at the same time.

Dealing with magnesite


Firstly, not a lot of people are aware of what magnesite is. Magnesite is a compound that was commonly used in flooring preparation many years ago, however it is very rarely used today because it does not deal with damp well at all. In fact it shatters when it comes into contact with enough water. Usually a pink/red sort of colour, you can spot it easily due to its colour, however there are other ways to spot it such as gas flames and electric meter readings. To prevent any serious damage to your floor's it is best to try and spot magnesite as soon as possible and completely get rid of it. We can dig it out for you if you are concerned about the whole removal process and we will then repair the sub-floor and rectify the damage that the magnesite has caused.



We offer a range of underlay's, floorboard's and systems that allow for soundproofed floors so your neighbour's underneath no longer have to hear any noise you make on your floor's.

Door trimming


Do your door's constantly rub against your carpet, is it leaving an unwanted mark on the floor? Your doors may need to be cut if this is the case. We take a small portion of the door off to deal with this problem and relieve your carpet of any uncessary friction with the door. We charge £20.00/door.

Binding and whipping


Looking to get a runner in the hallway or on a flight of stairs? Maybe you just want to transofrm a simple offcut of carpet into a rug, in which case you will need your carpet bound and whipped which creates a beautiful finish. Not only is this process practical but it also adds a bit of excitmenet to your carpets by allowing you to choose a completely contrasting or complimentary colour to personalise your carpet with. We can get this done for you at very cheap prices to very high standards. For whipping we charge £7.99/m and for taping we charge £20.00/m.

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