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Finding that perfect carpet makes a world of difference...

One of our more popular ranges, Mississippi has proven to be a favourite amongst those looking for runners and carpets for stairs. The striking colours are ideal for making it the focal point of any space.

  • 100% Wool

  • Highly popular

  • 17 Trendy colours







Barefoot Bikram

Brand new to us is the Barefoot Bikram range. If comfort is what you're looking for from your carpet then look no further! The luxuriously deep pile allows for unparalleled underfoot comfort!

  • 100% Undyed wool 

  • Extremely dense pile (2800g)

  • Uniquely soft feel






£30/m² - £49.99/m²
Esprit Accent

This carpet is the embodiment of the word luxury! The rare deep pile of this carpet creates a soft and comforting texture which is unmatched by most carpets. As it is made from 80% of the finest British wool, 10% nylon and 10% polyester, it makes suitable for carpet cleaning products, comfortable under foot whilst the nylon allows for great texture retention and stain resistance.

  • 80% Wool, 10% Nylon and 10% Polyester

  • 24 Rich colours

  • ⅟₁₀ Inch gauge

  • Moth proof

  • Incredibly thick 75oz




The unique flatweave design of this range makes it one of the most beautifully eye-catching carpets on the market. Made from high quality New Zealand wool, you can expect incredible durability from the Basketweave range.

  • 80% New Zealand Wool

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications

  • Treated against moths




Carnaby - Low Stock

Unfortunately this range has expired and consequently stock levels are very low/expired. Feel free to contact us to check stock.

Was £45.99/m²

Now £25.00/m²



In search of family friendly luxury? Look no further. Referred to as a "Super luxury saxony", the Jupiter range is one of the highest quality synthetic carpets on the market. With its uniquely deep pile and inherent stain resistance, Jupiter is an ideal option for bedrooms and family rooms.

  • 100% synthetic fibre

  • Luxurious deep pile

  • Bleach Cleanable

  • 10 Year stain resistance guarantee

  • Family fiendly

  • Easy clean fibre

  • Anti static Fibre



Durham Chic Loop

This carpet is a superb choice when looking for both high quality and brilliant endurance. Durham Chic Loop is made with 100% wool and is available in 14 various colours ranging froom an elegant dark black to a rich sky blue. It also comes with a 10 year wear guarantee so if you're looking for something that is family friendly then this carpet may be the one.

  • 100% Wool

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications

  • Moth proof

  • Available in a wide range of colours


£20/m² - 29.99/m²
Wentworth 40 & 50

Introducing 'Wentworth', a spectacular new range made by Penthouse carpets. Wentworth incorporates both practicality and the extreme comfort thanks to its' high quality blend of  wool and synthetic fibres. 80% wool, 10% nylon and 10% polyester twist.

  • 80% Wool, 10% nylon and 10% polyester

  • Suitable for extra heavy domestic and medium contract applications

  • Moth proof

  • Available in two weights (40 & 5ooz)

  • ⅛ Inch gauge

£28.99/m² - 40oz

£34.00/m² - 50oz

Natural Tones

Manx Tomkinson have added to their extensive collection of stylish loop carpets with the Natural Tones collection which is available in ten neutral and natural shades.

  • 50% Wool/50% Polypropylene

  • Suitable for extra heavy domestic and medium contract applications

  • Moth resistant

  • 3 ply tufted loop

  • Covered by the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW)


Gloucester Stripe

The unrivalled beauty of this wool carpet is paired with its superior comfort under foot making it a standout choice for anybody who is looking for a 'family friendly' yet elegant carpet. Gloucester stripe is also made from wool which is hard-wearing and sustainable material making it eco-friendly (which is always a bonus)



Natural Shades Pinstripe & Plains

Loop pile carpets are taking over and Natural Shades is leading the way. This particular range is made from a 50% wool/polypropylene blend which creates a comfortable and family friendly environment.

  • 50% Wool/50% Polypropylene

  • Moth resistant

  • Recently recoloured with 5 new colours and matching stripes

  • Suitable for extra heavy domestic and medium contract applications

  • Covered by the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW)

  • Colour matching pinstripe and plain styles are available

  • Modern style with multiple contemporary shades.




Esterno Naturals


The brand new Esterno Naturals range is one of the greatest value for money materials we currently have for sale. When purchasing a carpet you shouldn't have to worry about damaging it all the time due to excessive wear, stains or even moths. For thos reason, this material is guaranteed to give you peace of mind as it is Moth resistant has a 7 year wear warranty and is also covered by the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW). With this carpet comes a free professional carpet clean once every year and certified spot-removers.

For more information visit:



Berber Seasons

One of our greatest value for money carpets is Berber Seasons! The 100% pure new wool construction of this carpet ensures that it is not only is it incredibly hard wearing but it means that this range is full of rich netural colours to compliment any colour scheme you may be considering. As an added bonus, it also comes with the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW) so you will have peace of mind knowing that your carpet will be extremely well looked after.



£10/m² - 19.99/m²
Seasons - NEW!

​New to us is the Seasons range! As a result of being produced by the reputable manufacturer Penthouse, you can rest assured that the material is of very high quality.

  • 80% Wool 20% synthetic fibre

  • Superior sound absorption

  • ⅛ Inch gauge

  • 40oz

  • Moth proofed




Introducing Cotswold! An affordable durable and good looking 80/20 wool twist carpet. With Cotswold you get all the beauty and durbaility of a wool carpet but with the practicality of a man made fibre. Available in seven rich colours, you're sure to find one that suits your personal style.

  • 80% Wool 20% Polyester

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications



Royal Prestige

Combining practicality, comfort and style is something that not too many manufacturers are able to achieve. However, with the new Royal Prestige range, renown manufacturer Valley have incorporated all these elements to create an incredible range of carpets. The dense pile of this saxony along with it's stain resistance and clean-ability make it extremely family friendly and ideal for areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and staircases.

  • 100% Staindefender Polypropylene

  • Wide variety of Colours

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications

  • Bleach Cleanable




If you're looking for an extremely durable and stylish carpet then look no further! Middleton is a perfect example of a 'stress-free' carpet due to it's hard wearing cord style which is able to cope with high amounts of traffic very easily, it's inherent stain resistance as well as it's incredible guarantees and warranties. 

  • 100% Life-Tec fibre

  • Variety of shades and styles

  • Available in action or felt back

  • Suitable for all domestic applications

  • 7 Year wear warranty

  • Lifetime stain protection

  • Bleach cleanable

  • Extremely family friendly

  • Moth proof



Navan - NEW!

Made from 100% stain defender polypropylene this carpet is widely considered perfect for modern day living! Not only is Navan remarkably easy to clean but it also has softer feel than traditional polypropylene carpets which makes it ideal for areas such as bedrooms, playrooms and lounges etc.

  • 100% Stain defender polypropylene

  • Bleach cleanable

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications

  • Available in plain and stripes




Amalfi is the definition of "Cheap and Cheerful". For the price of only £12.99/m² you can have a carpet that has the apperance and beauty of a wool twist, the classic comfort of a saxony and all the practicality of a man made fibre all rolled into one! You needn't worry about spillages and stains because this material is 100% Stain Defender Polypropylene! So whether it's for a rental property or for your own home, Amalfi may be the way to go!

  • 100% Stain defender polypropylene

  • Bleach cleanable

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications



£9.99/m² -
Regatta - NEW!

Highly affordable, highly reliable and highly practical, the Regatta range has it all and it's everything  the increasingly popular loop style of carpet has been lacking so far.

  • 100% Polypropylene

  • Bleach cleanable

  • Available with a 5 year stain warranty

  • Available with a 5 year wear warranty

  • 10 Modern colours to choose from

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications



Castle Twist

If you're looking for a reliable, durable and easy to maintain carpet, then look no further. Castle twist is 100% polypropylene which makes it bleach cleanable so you needn't worry about stains! We highly recommend using this carpet in high traffic areas such as hallways and staircases because the short pile doesn't show signs of wear as quickly as a much denser carpet would. Castle Twist is also available in a wide variety of colours which makes this carpet an absolute steal for this price!

  • 100% Stain defender polypropylene

  • Bleach cleanable

  • Suitable for heavy domestic applications



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